STORMGUARD® Double Ended Siding Nails Hot Dip Galvanized Fiber Cement Painted

Maze Nails for fiber cement and painted siding are designed for end-driving and blind driving in fiber cement siding. Our fiber cement nails are available in a variety of paint colors to match all popular fiber cement siding colors. Double hot dip galvanized labyrinth nails meet and exceed ASTM A-153 hot dip galvanized requirements. Hand-finish, stick-finish, wire and COIL-ATED® plastic are also available. made in America!
Buyer beware: Not all galvanized nails are the same. Hot dip galvanizing (HGD) is the most reliable and preferred method of galvanizing steel nails. Double Hot Maze – Dip STORMGUARD® nails are dipped twice into molten zinc, filling holes and thickening the outer layer of zinc. The thickness and uniformity of the zinc is the key to making a truly corrosion resistant fastener.
Given the popularity of prefabricated siding, Maze is committed to supplying hand nails in a variety of colors to match most major fiber cement and engineered siding manufacturers. Maze also offers the option of nail polish. Modern siding requires high quality nails to maintain the aesthetics of your home. Visit our website for all the latest colorways!

Post time: Jan-30-2023